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puncture seal

puncture prevention



Punctureseal Kit

Tyre Management System

  • Installations available from mobile units
  • The ultimate puncture prevention system:
    • Eliminates most blow outs
    • Better fuel consumption
    • Extends the life of your tyre
  • We come to you.

For more info visit www.punctureseal.com

In order to repair punctures, and to ensure that your tyres hold out against further damage, Auto Dealer Services utilizes the patented Punctureseal Tyre Management System.

To provide you, the customer, with convenient quality service, installations are available from one of Auto Dealer Services’ sixteen mobile units.

Since Punctureseal is the ultimate puncture prevention system, it eliminates most blow outs, provides better fuel consumption and extends the life of your tyre.

For more information about the puncture system Auto Dealer Services’ uses visit www.punctureseal.com.






tyre puncture
Punctureseal Kit
Punctureseal Kit

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