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Products and Services to the Motor Trade

Products and Services to the Motor Trade

       Available in Gauteng , & Triangle


Sixteen Mobile Units

  • Repairs of
    • Suffed bumpers
    • Mirrors
    • Beadings
    • Fine scratches
    • Chips
    • Mag Repairs
  • Repair cost from R 450 - R1200
  • Free Quotes
  • We come to you

When your car is in need of repair, the last thing anyone feels like doing is driving around looking for the best deal. That is why Auto Dealer Services is ahead of the vehicle repair game.

With sixteen mobile units, Auto Dealer Services will come to you, saving you time, effort and of course, providing you, the customer, with convenience and quality service. Auto Dealer Services Mobile units offer repairs to scuffed bumpers, damaged mirrors, beadings, fine scratches, chips and scratched mags.

Repairs can cost anything form R450- R1200, with free quotes given on request.


Mobile Unit

Mobile Unit

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